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At Specialty Hybrids, we pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class products for your Michigan and Indiana fields. That’s why we’re proud to offer new Specialty Hybrids™ FortiField® products. These unique corn products are hand-selected by our local agronomists and offer a strong set of agronomic characteristics combined with disease protection that can give you healthier crops — and peace of mind — all season long. Read the full press release.

Better Endurance, Every Step of the Way

Early Season

Strong emergence and seedling vigor support better stand establishment in challenging conditions, including early planting and high-residue cropping systems.


A strong foliar disease package protects yield potential and can help reduce the need for in-season fungicide application.


Sturdy roots and stalks combined with good late-season health and intactness offers improved plant integrity for ease of harvest.

Healthier From the Inside Out

Specialty Hybrids FortiField Corn Products

37A808 Brand Blend

37D808 Brand Blend

38A388 Brand Blend

38D388 Brand Blend

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Causes of Corn Root Lodging

Root lodging may occur when root growth is insufficient to fully anchor the corn plant against the force of the wind.

Gray Leaf Spot Management

Gray leaf spot is favored by high relative humidity and prolonged leaf wetness, but can be managed with corn product selection, fungicides, residue management, and crop rotation.