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The Climate FieldView™ platform is a powerful, easy-to-use tool to help you improve productivity and increase yield. It combines your knowledge with historical and up-to-date information to generate customized insights to help you and your trusted advisors make decisions with confidence for your farm. The Specialty Hybrids team recommends The Climate FieldView™ platform for growers who are interested in getting their data seamlessly from the cab to the Cloud and using powerful data science tools for advanced insights. Climate FieldView™ is offered in three tiers: Climate FieldView™ Pro, Climate FieldView™ Plus and Climate FieldView™ Prime.

Climate FieldView™ Pro

Climate FieldView™ Pro offers field-level insights all season long. In Climate FieldView™ Pro, you’ll have access to the entire Climate FieldView™ Platform, including Nitrogen Advisor, Field Health Advisor and Script Creator.

Nitrogen Monitoring Advanced Tracking

  • Prevent crop stress instead of simply reacting to it
  • See field-level nitrogen supplies based on applications, crop stage and weather, along with how much N crops will require
  • Explore custom scenarios to determine the smartest amount of N to apply and the best time to do it
  • New for 2017: Monitor nitrogen by customizable zones to better understand nitrogen levels in your field

Field Health Informed Scouting

  • Use in-season and historical field imaging to evaluate crop health and identify issues before they impact yield
  • Prioritize scouting activities and save time by identifying which areas need your attention before heading into the field
  • Get a new perspective on how decisions are impacting crops and a head start on planning for next year

Script Creation Increase productivity with a simple, easy-to-use script creation tool

  • Use soil maps to easily identify management zones and generate variable seeding rate prescriptions
  • Execute these prescriptions on your equipment of choice
  • Collaborate with ​your trusted advisor to create custom prescriptions

Yield Analysis Assess seed performance

  • Analyze yield by soil and seed type in each field, so you can make the best decisions for next season.

Climate FieldView™ Plus

Climate FieldView™ Plus provides seamless data integration for a deeper understanding of your fields to help you make important operating decisions with confidence. Identify problems and take quick action to solve them with field data digitally displayed in real-time as you pass through the fields. With Climate FieldView™ Plus, collect and visualize your data all in one place with the Climate FieldView™ Drive when paired with compatible equipment.

Climate FieldView™ Plus provides growers with data connectivity and field data visualization. Field da is digitally displayed in real-time as you pass through the field, helping you identify problems and take quick action to solve them. There are also easy-to-use digital maps to help compare critical farm data layers to understand yield-limiting factors.

Climate FieldView™ Drive is available as enabling hardward for Climate FieldView™ Plus. It automatically captures equipment data by easily connecting to the tractor's CAN Diagnostic port and using Bluetooth to wirelessly map data onto your iPad® and Climate FieldView™ Plus software. You can view your data in digital form as you pass through the field. *In order to use Climate FieldView™ Drive, you must have compatible equipment.

Climate FieldView™ Prime

Climate FieldView™ Prime provides you with agronomic and weather data at the field level so you can make more informed decisions. With mobile access and visibility into current and future field conditions, you can make timely operational decisions anytime, anywhere. Climate FieldView™ Prime provides you access to Field-Level Weather, Notifications and Scouting.

  • Field-Level Weather View histrorical, real-time and forecasted weather at the field level (hourly + daily)
  • Notifications Keep an eye on changing conditions with automatic notifications
  • Scouting Capture geo-located images and notes for things like pests and disease
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