​​Find the right soybean for your field

We have first-hand experience farming this region, so we understand how different products perform in the different environments here. Combining this knowledge with a deep understanding of your operation, we can make expert recommendations that help you make the best buying decisions for your fields. Below, you can compare the characteris​tics of the products we offer.

Refine By Relative Maturity

As you know, some soybeans develop more quickly and some take longer, no matter when you plant them. Relative maturity, and subsequently, your yield potential and grain quality, are also impacted by weather patterns. These are complicated but important factors, which we’ll gladly work through with you, so you can select the best-performing seeds for your operation. Explore and compare our soybean products.

Or Select by Conventional or Traited Product

If you already know which trait you’d like to plant, you can see all products containing that trait (for example: all products with Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete® Corn Blend). View and compare a wide range of characteristics, including relative maturity, drought tolerance, kernel rows and more. ​