Specialty Hybrids

Every year, the entire Specialty Hybrids team focuses on three commitments we make to our customers: valuable relationships, localized research and increased yield potential. Everyone associated with Specialty Hybrids – from our customer operations specialists in the office to our agronomists in the field – takes each of these commitments very seriously and works together to help you succeed.

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We know how important farming is to your family.
After all, Your Farm is Your Heritage. Your Field is Our Specialty.

Green Light

We provide the latest local third party research, placement and management tools to help you get the most out of your acres. With local research dating back to 2006 and agronomic resources and tools developed from thousands of data points, you'll have everything you need to implement practical solutions on your farm.


Be Safe and Successful

We care about your safety on and off the field. Our Farm Safely community initiative is dedicated to providing safety education and resources to farming communities, because nothing is more important than coming home safely, every day.

Local Harvest Results

We're proud to say that the commitments we make to you are not just words – they're real actions that have real results come harvest.