Harvest Results​

It’s easier to make smart seed-buying decisions when you can see how a product has performed in fields that are just like yours. That’s why Specialty Hybrids publishes harvest results from reputable sources that conduct trials in the various conditions found in our region. Using this scientifically reliable data, you can see for yourself which seeds will be the top performers in your fields. Start planning for next year’s successful harvest with the latest data. Not sure what to look for? Your Specialty Hybrids rep can help.​

Specialty Hybrids Plots

Every year, Specialty Hybrids works with individual, local farmers to scientifically grow test plots and report the results. They plant various products, including our competitors’ seeds, under identical conditions and with the exact same farming methods. At harvest, growers measure and report their yields to us. See how Specialty Hybrids products performed in your local area. Search by year, crop and location.


Independent Trials

Universities, F.I.R.S.T. Seed Trials and other third-party seed testing organizations conduct these 100% independent trials. They test new products from different brands in various locations throughout Indiana and Michigan, working with local farmers to ensure the test plots accurately represent the different growing conditions found in our region. See how Specialty Hybrids products performed in these local independent trials. You can search by year, crop and source.