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Green Light

The Specialty Hybrids Green Light agronomy program has been helping local farmers turn information into on-farm success since 2006. With expertise that’s specific to Indiana, Michigan and parts of Ohio, you’ll be well-equipped to understand your fields and choose the best products for your operation. From email newsletters to extensive trial data, Green Light offers many ways to help you get more out of every acre.

get access to local resea​rch

We know your area because we live, farm and work here. But we’ve also studied local fields in depth. To make sure the info we give you is unbiased, the Specialty Hybrids team develops studies, then uses independent third parties to conduct trials at over 30 locations throughout the region. This provides accurate and timely data that you can put into action right away. To find the results from our research, browse the “Green Light Editor” topic in the ​Agronomy Library.

Combining this data with other reliable agronomic resources and tools, the Green Light agronomy team and your DSM work in partnership with you year-round to develop and adapt the right plan for your fields. This includes product placement based on specific soil, insect and disease environments, as well as practical management recommendations — all in the name of maximizing your yield potential.

We take pride in knowing our local fields, so you can feel confident in your operating decisions.  


  • Seed treatment testing
  • Starter fertilizer trials
  • Planter-applied insecticide evaluations
  • Foliar fungicide trials
  • Population studies
  • Cover crop burndown evaluations
  • Corn nitrogen studies: response to seeding rates across four nitrogen rates
  • Twin row trials
  • Geo-spatial product evaluation across variable soil types


  • Seed treatment testing
  • Population studies
  • Variable seeding rate trials
  • Marestail control using residual herbicides
  • Foliar fungicides

TOOLS and expertise for every season

We know that a farmer’s duties begin long before planting, and they don’t end at harvest. Green Light provides resources you can rely on year-round. 

Want to learn More? Contact us​. You can also find the latest updates from our fields on Facebook and Twitter.