Green Light

In 2006, the Specialty Hybrids Green Light program was developed to better serve farmers in our region and provide you with the best products for your farm. It was important to us then, and 10 years later, it still is now, to provide you with more in-depth information to help you make important farming decisions. Rest assured, what you put in your planter has been proven to perform in your area. See our 2016 Green Light Research Report below.

Discover what Green Light can do for you

  • Better input from us means better output for you: Using reliable agronomic research, our technical agronomists, dealers and district sales managers work together with you to develop the right plan and select the best products for your fields.
  • We do the research so you don’t have to: We provide you with real-time, accurate yield results, product placement and management recommendations from thirdparty test sites across the region.
  • You’ll have confidence in our products: Because we test our products in local soil types and environmental conditions, you can have confidence that the corn and soybean products you select have the best potential to perform in your fields.
  • We provide data that helps maximize yield potential: We give you access to tools to help increase your yield potential with a variety of local data summaries and research-based recommendations.

Tools and Expertise

Because we know that no two fields are alike, we test our products in a variety of soil types and growing conditions throughout Indiana and Michigan. The results from these trials help us select only the best products for your farms.

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